The new semi-automatic functionality for Leica iXE2/iXE3 excavator machine control solutions will enable even inexperienced operators to perform complex fine grading, not only more accurately but also much faster. Automating the movements of the boom, bucket, tilt bucket and tilt rotator functions turns complex controls into one-stick easy operations.


  • The design slopes are followed automatically only by operating the stick
  • Intelligent slope detection with closest cross slope
  • Surface protection (no tool point digs into your surface)
  • Stick enabling (no push and hold on the button)
  • Easy to switch between manual and the auto function with manual control when required


  • Less operator fatigue
  • The job can be done faster because costly and time-consuming rework can be avoided
  • Consistent quality of finished surface
  • The semi-automatic functionality from Leica Geosystems is safe to use
  • Flexible configurations to suit any use case and machine configuration


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